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Here’s what the kid is doing

Gwen’s taking an archeology course and a fresco course at John Cabot University in Rome. Tonight I went with her to the studio to take photos in process. I posted my images on Flickr (Click on the image to see the rest on my photo stream.) It was really fun to watch. I tried it […]

Rome sweet Rome: A month gone by already

We’ve definitely settled into a routine now with classes and shopping, homework and wandering and of course, eating and cooking. I had my first Italian test on Thursday and although I’m getting along OK in the streets and the stores, I’m not so sure how well that translates to the grammar on the page. This […]

And thus ends the Summer break

Tomorrow I’m back to classes at Tyler. I’m very excited about the beginning of the semester since I finally get to the courses that I enrolled for- CAD CAM, sculpture and jewelry along with a couple of Gen Eds. How did I do on my giant to do list I assembled back in May? Well […]

Real Zombies in my Front Yard

I was harvesting some of my tomatoes this morning and came across the strangest thing. Two caterpillars with these white ovoids stuck all over them. I ran for my camera and hit the internets. They appear to be the victims of parasitoid wasps, which inject their eggs into the caterpillar. They burst out of the […]

Going back on the roller coaster

I love roller coasters. Maybe it’s my personality or something, but the thrill of the twists and turns, the slight fear, the rush of wind. They’re great. Back in October when Jack passed away, it was like the end of an awesome roller coaster ride. Jack, Patty and I have always had adventures together and […]

Goodbye, 2011

It’s astounding to think here it is, the end of 2011. What an eventful year it was. I organized and executed an amazing trip for Jack and friends to the Mediterranean in May and early June. I exhibited my first major wholesale show, the Buyers Market of American Craft, in July. I returned to school […]

Collectors Day at the Buyers Market of American Craft

I am exhibiting next weekend at the Buyers Market of American Craft. I’m really excited about this opportunity because it’s my first wholesale show. But what is really exciting is that this is the first time the Buyers Market is open to the public. Baltimore Convention Center Sunday only. Click on the flyer for more […]

November 12 & 13- Open Studio Event

My Annual Open Studio event is scheduled to take place on Friday evening November 12 6pm-9pm & Saturday November 13 3pm-9pm. Come and see my newest pieces and my reorganized shop. This is a great opportunity to talk about custom pieces, get a free cleaning for any of your jewelry and assess any repairs that […]

Masala Chai Ice Cream

Just wanted to update on my ice cream experiment with the Chai syrup I made. The syrup was exactly sweet enough to use for the ice cream. I churned it in my KitchenAid stand mixer ice cream attachment. I used heavy cream with some half and half. The taste was wonderful. Texture- not so wonderful. […]

Back from the Jax

Yesterday was my travel day back from Floyd, VA, home of the Jacksonville Center for the Arts. My five day Basic Jewelry Fabrication class went over very well. With a full enrollment of 5 creative women, we transformed the glass studio into a metalsmithing mecca. I was impressed and inspired by the original designs each […]