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Malta- Part IV- Archeology Museum & Fossil Cave

We checked out of the hotel and were stuck in traffic for a while headed to the city of Valetta. Rose brought us to look a few minutes over the harbor at Valletta before walking us to the Archeology Museum. Here we finally got to see the original artifacts that had been found in the […]

Malta- Part III- Lotsa Temples

We started at the Visitor Center for the Hagar Qim temple complex. It was another informative exhibit with models that showed where the light shines in the lower temple, Mnajdra at both equinoxes and solstices. Then we headed outside to the temples themselves. They have been covered by large plastic tents to help preserve the […]

Malta- Part II- Gozo

On Saturday, we headed to Gozo. Gozo is part of the country of Malta, but a separate island. We had to take a ferry. We were picked up at the hotel by our guide, Rose and her driver. We were given lots of information about Malta as we made our way to the first temple […]

Malta- Part I of IV

It’s time to put together the Malta update before the details shrink away into Spring Break next week. Anyway, I think my mind has absorbed about as much Italian as I can cram into it for tonight. I’ve made it through two midterm critiques and one oral exam for Italian with the written one scheduled […]

A little late and a little short

This week’s update is a little short and a little late. We were away for the weekend in Malta, exploring prehistoric temples and this week is midterms, so my time is limited. I had a few paragraphs put together before we went to Malta, so I can update that far. My photos on flickr account […]

Immersing in Italian Design

Of course you have probably already heard the big news out of Rome this past week, the announcement of the resignation of the Pope on Monday. Suddenly now there are news vans with satellite feeds camped by Castel Sant Angelo with the dome of the Vatican as the backdrop for their live broadcasts. It’s quite […]

Here’s what the kid is doing

Gwen’s taking an archeology course and a fresco course at John Cabot University in Rome. Tonight I went with her to the studio to take photos in process. I posted my images on Flickr (Click on the image to see the rest on my photo stream.) It was really fun to watch. I tried it […]

Rome sweet Rome: A month gone by already

We’ve definitely settled into a routine now with classes and shopping, homework and wandering and of course, eating and cooking. I had my first Italian test on Thursday and although I’m getting along OK in the streets and the stores, I’m not so sure how well that translates to the grammar on the page. This […]

Roma update- week 3

This week is full of accomplishments as we continue to meet the challenge of living in a foreign city. Patty and I took the Metro to the Coliseum and spent several hours in the Basilica of San Clemente drawing not only in the church, but in the church below it, the Roman Villa and the […]