And thus ends the Summer break

Tomorrow I’m back to classes at Tyler. I’m very excited about the beginning of the semester since I finally get to the courses that I enrolled for- CAD CAM, sculpture and jewelry along with a couple of Gen Eds.

How did I do on my giant to do list I assembled back in May?

Well not too bad. I got a lot of things done.

I made lots of jewelry and it seemed like my Etsy store exploded right after school ended. It’s like my customers knew somehow. On the wholesale front I filled a couple of orders for a decent sized customer and I think this is going to be a good relationship.

I didn’t finish the book. I was really disappointed in that around the beginning of August since I was hoping to have a first draft done this summer then finish it next summer. But I’m making peace with the fact that it’s just a much bigger project than I originally envisioned. I’m just under 300 pages as of today and I’m hoping to keep working it into my schedule.

I’ve been having a ball taking pictures though. Both on our travels and here around the house. I took a three day online course in photo shop taught by Ben Willmore, who I met in 2010. I learned more in three days than I did from the quick intros we got at school over the last two semesters. Usuable information too.

And then there was a one day light painting class yesterday also taught by Ben. I was up really late trying it out after class. I really really want to do more of this.

And there was travel.St. Louis to catch up with Cherie and Chris of Technomadia. Then it was on to Kansas to be with David’s folks as his mom recovered from her ankle replacement.

When we returned it was my turn to go the rounds with the medical doctors. The rheumatologist, who is retiring any minute now, just confirmed the diagnosis of the last one. He had nothing to offer that was going to help with my stiffness that’s been going on since spring except some kind of shot that I would have to get from now on every three months. I said no thanks, left the office and decided ti was time to take things into my own hands. So I’ve been enjoying more success on my own with dietary changes and herbal supplements than with the prescriptions the docs were giving me. Fingers crossed this continues.

My tomato plants are taller than I am, I’m starting to lose one, but there’s still plenty. Plenty of dried little tomatoes and fresh salsa. Lots of basil for pesto as well.

It was a quick summer, but certainly a good one.

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