Posts from ‘January, 2013’

Our second week in Rome

We’ve been here for two weeks, time is passing and I feel like it’s already getting away from us. My classes started this week and I’m looking forward to learning and creating quite a lot this semester. In three of my four classes, we were out and about in Rome, taking photos, drawing and visiting […]

What I did over winter break

Amazing that I have the chance to catch up on my blogging. I’m waiting for things so I write. Things like…work in the tumbler polishing and a repair on my bench waiting for epoxy to cure..stuff like that. What have you been doing over the break, Barbara? Eating bonbons and twiddling your thumbs? I’ve been […]

My Full Fall Semester

Another rocking semester at Tyler School of Art comes to a close. I’ve been swamped since the semester ended in early December, but I wanted to put out a summary before I’m whisked off into the next adventure. I took three studio courses and two gen eds. One of the GenEds was Intellectual Heritage II. […]