Posts from ‘May, 2014’

Ragas and Airs

When Shaily Dadiala first started working on Ragas and Airs about three years ago, I was delighted to find out that there is a connection between the Celtic people and the people of Southeast Asia. For those of us who tend to think of the United States as the melting pot, it is a surprise […]

Junior Year at Tyler- Part II

The Spring semester was all metals all the time for my studio classes. Junior Metals, Advanced CAD and Production Processes were enough to keep me very busy as well as two other classes, part of an art history class on Modern Craft and a Race Gen-ed. We received both projects in metals in the first […]

Junior Year at Tyler- Part I

Junior year at Tyler has whizzed by and there was not much time for updating here during the semester. My last exam was the other day and now I have a few short weeks to get ready for the next big adventure: The Tyler Metals Summer program in the UK. So as to not be […]