Goodbye, 2011

It’s astounding to think here it is, the end of 2011. What an eventful year it was.

I organized and executed an amazing trip for Jack and friends to the Mediterranean in May and early June. I exhibited my first major wholesale show, the Buyers Market of American Craft, in July. I returned to school as a full time student this Fall at Tyler School of Art.

But by far probably the most far reaching event of 2011 is the loss of Jack. He passed away from a rare form of cancer in October and the changes to our life are many.

The house is so quiet and every where I go I am reminded of him, what he liked to eat, where he liked to shop.
I hope where ever he is, there are model shoots and cheese steaks and most of all, both hands to hold his camera.

Vanya Sulie, Jack!

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