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Grad school finished – check!

It’s been a whirlwind semester as usual and because this was the last one, it was even more intense. My thesis exhibit, Journey By Water took place in the end of March. The rest of the semester was spent finalizing the rest of my graduation requirements. One of the things we’ve realized over my last […]

Art History

My art history course this semester is Elite Objects from the Bronze age. I’m doing a presentation on gold and silver vessels from the Royal Cemetary at Ur. This was an incredible archeological dig that happened in Southern Iraq between 1922 and 1934 and was a joint project between the British Museum and the University […]

Devastation/Development/Disruption on Philadelphia’s Jewelers Row

 Photo- Amanda Stockwell   If you haven’t heard about this yet, check out the following links:   After finding out about this project yesterday, I can’t sit idle and hope for the best. The Hidden City article above mentions that the Mayor and Council could find a way to delay or […]

I am the water

I am the water, Gently falling on the leaves and bubbling through the soil  Gathering myself into a lively stream Babbling over rocks Running down the hillside becoming deeper. I am the water on which others float Buoyant upon my surface I help them towards their destination Safely bouncing on my currents Playful and dancing […]

Exploring Cocoon

I first heard about Cocoon last fall from my Rapid Prototyping professor, Stanley Lechtzin. He mentioned this spray on coating that was developed locally for the preservation of the ships from World War II at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. At that time, I was looking at 3D printing structures and perhaps using fabric to cover the […]

The rest of the story- Scotland

What happened? It’s August! So last we heard from our heroine, we had just spent a day outside London visiting the ancient sites in Bath, Avebury and Stonehenge in June. Then what happened? You see unlike my 2013 semester abroad in Rome, the UK Metals Workshop was a non-stop immersion into my discipline. No time […]

Bath, Avebury & Stonehenge

Tuesday June 10 was the day I’ve been waiting for a long time. The morning started slow. I went to Starbucks in the morning to update my Flickr feed and maybe work on the blog. Then I headed back to the hotel and packed for our day out to Bath, Avebury and Stonehenge. The bus […]

London- (Part 2)

The first week in London was so packed, I need to split it into two posts. Saturday June 7. We got up and headed to Portobello Road Market which is an open air market that runs for blocks and is only open on the weekend. It reminded me of Porta Portese in Rome, but this […]

London- the first week (Pt 1)

As of tomorrow, I’ll have been here in London for a week. Time has really flown. I’ve barely had time to process my photos every night, let alone put together a blog post, but tonight we didn’t have anything going on in the evening and tomorrow’s itinerary starts a little later. June 4, 2014 We […]

Immersing in Italian Design

Of course you have probably already heard the big news out of Rome this past week, the announcement of the resignation of the Pope on Monday. Suddenly now there are news vans with satellite feeds camped by Castel Sant Angelo with the dome of the Vatican as the backdrop for their live broadcasts. It’s quite […]