Posts from ‘March, 2013’

Buona Pasqua!

It’s hard to believe another week has already flown by. In a little more than five weeks, we’ll be on our way back to Philadelphia leaving this eternal city behind us. This week was Gwen’s spring break so Lary came into town to spend a “Roman Holiday” with her. Much of their days were planned […]

Roma Spring

The trees are coming into full flower here. We have less time left in Rome than we’ve been here, so I guess we could say it’s all downhill from here with a little over six weeks left. I know I’m running a little late on my weekly update but since there were two last week, […]

Francis, the new guy in town

I spent the afternoon and early evening finishing my Italian Design mid term paper and working on my Italian homework. We were just about to start getting ready to go out to eat when Patty spotted the news online, that there was white smoke. It was decided in about 3 secs that we had to […]

Halfway There

We are exactly at the midpoint of our 16 weeks in Rome. In eight weeks, we’ll be on a plane home to Philadelphia. Spring Break is over for me and I was sad to see it pass so quickly. The last few days of break were spent at the Colosseum, the Forum, the Spanish Steps […]

Rome- Spring Break Edition

The last seven weeks here in Rome have really flown and it’s my Spring Break already. Wendy and I both made it through our midterms and began preparing for our visitors that were due on Sunday. Friday we took a break from cleaning and laundry to go to the Etruscan Museum. My goal there was […]

Etruscan Jewelry Happy Dance

A jewelry technique that has fascinated me since high school is something called granulation. The ancient Etruscans were the masters of granulation and it wasn’t until the early 20th century that the lost process of granulation was fully rediscovered. I was thrilled to see a piece in the Naples Archeology Museum a few weeks ago. […]