Posts from ‘April, 2010’

More learning with Jack

I often joke how Jack is still teaching me things, usually unintentionally, but here I go again. Caregiving can be a tough gig. Generally I know I have it better than most. I have reliable help with Jack. The house is well equipped to deal with his disabilities. We have plenty of technology to help. […]

Class deadline approaching

I’m scheduled to teach a basic jewelry fabrication class at the Jacksonville Center for the Arts in Floyd, VA. This is a 5 day class designed to give you a basic knowledge of jewelry metalwork. It will take place May 10 to May 14. Class size is small to allow for plenty of individual instruction, […]

Hey Look! It’s different.

My Monday morning was spent getting Wendy to the airport at an ungodly hour (her description not mine) to meet with her Dad in Orlando then on to Boston. Then fighting a bad case of rush hour traffic to get back home and get Jack out the door for bloodwork. I was in no condition […]

Working on WordPress

So I’ve been thinking for a while that I wanted to upgrade the WordPress version I use here. Well because I did the original installation myself back in 2006, this is not easy.  Give me time as I try to get all my old stuff on here. For now all the old stuff is at […]

Light Painting

glowing Originally uploaded by silvergoldberry Most of my art the last few years has been jewelry. But in the last few months I’ve been trying to get back to my roots. I’m very happy with the water color I did last fall and I’ve been finding myself enjoying taking pictures even more. In fact I […]