Spring Semester Winds Down

This past week was a lot of crunch time for both Gwen and I.

I had a paper due Tuesday, my Italian Oral exam on Wednesday and Italian written exam on Thursday followed by a presentation to my Italian Design class. After class Thursday I felt like a huge weight had been lifted.

Italian has been a struggle for me. I usually find most subjects pretty easy even if I’m not that interested in them, but Italian, which I am very interested in learning, was a real challenge. I found myself reviewing my notes constantly. I think I was finally starting to get it and even though I am relieved that the course has ended, I’m sad and hoping that I won’t lose what I’ve learned now that I’m not in class 4 days a week. I plan on finding a way to continue with Italian when I return to the states. Not to mention, I plan on somehow reading the several books that I purchased while here that are all written in Italian.

So there was a lot of schoolwork this week. Gwen finished her fresco and depending on how it dries, it should be ready for the student show on Wednesday. Her archeology paper deadline was extended a week. (Wow! How come that never happens to my papers?)

Pat, Woody, Coriander and Mason returned all rested from a lovely 5 days on Ponza. They enjoyed the Roman ruins, the breathtaking seaside views, the crumbling cliffside fort and the easy pace of off season island life. Patty’s birthday Wednesday was celebrated with tiramisu from the 24 hour bakery. She and Woody also went to an opera performance on Friday night to continue the birthday celebrations.

With my Italian exam behind me, I was ready to go out for fun on Friday night. So what do I do for fun in Rome? We went to the Colosseum to shoot some photos.
The moon and the Colosseum at night

Poi was also brought along. Much fun and lovely images were had by all.
Poi at the Colosseum

Saturday I finally made it to the Museo degli Strumanti Musica, which is the Santa Cecelia Foundation’s musical instrument museum. I’ve tried on two other occasions to visit here, but it was closed each time. The instruments were beautiful and I was thrilled that I was able to take photos. I was glad for my f1.8 lens because the lights were kept pretty dim, probably for conservation purposes.
I was so excited to see their Stradiverius violin, the Archlute, several mandolin-lyres, two gorgeous harps and dozens of other lovely pieces. And yes, that Stradiverius was beautiful in person, too.
Museo degli Strumenti Muscali
Woody flew back to the states this morning. We have only 15 days remaining in our Roman adventure and I feel like I already miss each place in Rome. This coming week I have my two personal critiques for Rome Sketchbook and Digital Imaging followed by my Italian Design exam on Thursday. I feel a sadness to leave Rome, but I’m also looking forward to being back in my own house, with my own kitchen.

Of course, I’ll probably be cooking Italian in my kitchen. There’s been lots of inspiration here for authentic pizza.

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