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Roman Experience

Two years ago, at this time in 2013, I was a week away from leaving for the adventure of a lifetime, a semester abroad in Rome. Since my return, there has been a lot of reflection on the experience and how it continues to affect me as a person as well as my work as […]

Saying Goodbye to Rome

Tomorrow is our last full day in Rome. We have packed a lot into the last week. As the days remaining grew fewer, I felt an urgency of seeing and savoring every piece of Rome, while also resigning myself to the fact that I wasn’t going to see everything. There will be more time, someday. […]

Icons and Monsters

This past week was more relaxing for me, but still a little stressful for Gwen. I had only my Italian Design exam scheduled for Thursday afternoon, but she had two projects to be finished for a student art show by Wednesday afternoon. One of the courses she was taking this semester is Fresco. About halfway […]

My Roman Risotto Recipe

I had some risotto on the Titignano Trip at the end of Temple Rome’s orientation week. That day was planned by Temple Rome as an introduction to Italian cuisine. It was delicious. I remembered that I used to have a pressure cooker recipe for Risotto, but it never tasted like this. But alas, I certainly […]

Spring Semester Winds Down

This past week was a lot of crunch time for both Gwen and I. I had a paper due Tuesday, my Italian Oral exam on Wednesday and Italian written exam on Thursday followed by a presentation to my Italian Design class. After class Thursday I felt like a huge weight had been lifted. Italian has […]

Another week whizzes by…

The past week here has been another busy one. Drawing class at the Colosseum and Arch of Constantine. So funny to hear my classmates complain. “Do we have to draw it again? There’s too many arches!” There was also much preparation for my last Italian test on Thursday. The Jam Session Show was on Wednesday […]

Not afraid to look foolish

Temple Rome has a sort of talent show every semester called The Jam Session. Gianni, the Activities director at Temple Rome, told us sadly that last semester there weren’t enough volunteers to have a show. I figured I would pitch in somehow. I told him I would either play the ukulele and sing or else […]

A Month Remains

The days left on our Rome calendar are getting fewer and the weather seems to get warmer every day that passes. The flower petals have fallen from the trees in the recent rains and the rush toward final projects and exams seems to be accelerating. We had a very relaxing couple of days over the […]

Buona Pasqua!

It’s hard to believe another week has already flown by. In a little more than five weeks, we’ll be on our way back to Philadelphia leaving this eternal city behind us. This week was Gwen’s spring break so Lary came into town to spend a “Roman Holiday” with her. Much of their days were planned […]

Roma Spring

The trees are coming into full flower here. We have less time left in Rome than we’ve been here, so I guess we could say it’s all downhill from here with a little over six weeks left. I know I’m running a little late on my weekly update but since there were two last week, […]