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Roman Experience

Two years ago, at this time in 2013, I was a week away from leaving for the adventure of a lifetime, a semester abroad in Rome. Since my return, there has been a lot of reflection on the experience and how it continues to affect me as a person as well as my work as […]

Spring Semester Winds Down

This past week was a lot of crunch time for both Gwen and I. I had a paper due Tuesday, my Italian Oral exam on Wednesday and Italian written exam on Thursday followed by a presentation to my Italian Design class. After class Thursday I felt like a huge weight had been lifted. Italian has […]

Buona Pasqua!

It’s hard to believe another week has already flown by. In a little more than five weeks, we’ll be on our way back to Philadelphia leaving this eternal city behind us. This week was Gwen’s spring break so Lary came into town to spend a “Roman Holiday” with her. Much of their days were planned […]

Rome sweet Rome: A month gone by already

We’ve definitely settled into a routine now with classes and shopping, homework and wandering and of course, eating and cooking. I had my first Italian test on Thursday and although I’m getting along OK in the streets and the stores, I’m not so sure how well that translates to the grammar on the page. This […]

Roma update- week 3

This week is full of accomplishments as we continue to meet the challenge of living in a foreign city. Patty and I took the Metro to the Coliseum and spent several hours in the Basilica of San Clemente drawing not only in the church, but in the church below it, the Roman Villa and the […]

Light Painting

glowing Originally uploaded by silvergoldberry Most of my art the last few years has been jewelry. But in the last few months I’ve been trying to get back to my roots. I’m very happy with the water color I did last fall and I’ve been finding myself enjoying taking pictures even more. In fact I […]