Foundation Year Wrap Up

It’s hard to believe I’ve only done about two posts on here in the last year, but sometimes that is the way life rolls.

The semester is over and I have actually completed my Foundation year at Tyler School of Art. That’s freshman year for you folks who don’t know about art school.

It was challenging, eye opening and did I say challenging? I’ve done a lot of hard things in my life and this one has to rank up there in the top five. But I feel like I made some good work. I certainly learned a lot more about my own work as well as others. I met some awesome fellow artists and some great teachers as well. I found myself thinking about other art I want to make besides jewelry.

I don’t have a favorite piece from this year, or even from each semester. Each course and each project demanded a different way of seeing and problem solving. I’ve uploaded a selection of my stuff on my Flickr if you would like to see some of it.

I’m really looking forward to the Fall semester. I’m registered to take CAD/CAM, Metals and Sculpture as my studio courses. It’s going to feel great to be in my field and back in a classroom on the other side of the instructor line. Even though my metals credits transferred in from 20 years ago, I still get to take the Sophmore course, however I was told I will work at my own level.

One of the skills I had to pick up this year was working with video.  There’s a cheesy video I made about Smaug during our Spring Break trip that really taught me to respect people who make real movies.

I was really glad to get some video experience this semester because I’ve been meaning to get some instructive jewelry videos on my YouTube/Website for a while. I even have tons of stuff that was shot during a couple of day lost wax casting workshop I did, but never got around to editing it. I put up a video of my puzzle ring solution on my YouTube.  I’m hoping to get the lost wax casting series up over the summer.

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