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Roman Experience

Two years ago, at this time in 2013, I was a week away from leaving for the adventure of a lifetime, a semester abroad in Rome. Since my return, there has been a lot of reflection on the experience and how it continues to affect me as a person as well as my work as […]

Prehistory, Time & Space and/or How I Feel Connected to the Past and the Future

After a weeks break between our return from Scotland at the end of June, we were in the Tyler studio all week to complete our projects. I love it when a plan comes together and it was refreshing to be able to just stay in the studio all day without the distraction of other classes. […]

Edinburgh- Up Close and Personal

Our time in the enchanted highlands was certainly beautiful, but it was soon time to move on to the final leg of our UK odyssey, Edinburgh. We piled into the vans and spent most of the day returning to Glasgow, collected the rest of our luggage and hopped on a bus for the hour or […]

The Scottish Highlands

I started reading Outlander by Diana Gabaldon about 2002 on the recommendation of one of my friends. I was completely immersed and now along with Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, the Outlander books are my go-to books to re-read at the end of the day when I don’t have the brain space to […]

The rest of the story- Scotland

What happened? It’s August! So last we heard from our heroine, we had just spent a day outside London visiting the ancient sites in Bath, Avebury and Stonehenge in June. Then what happened? You see unlike my 2013 semester abroad in Rome, the UK Metals Workshop was a non-stop immersion into my discipline. No time […]

Junior Year at Tyler- Part II

The Spring semester was all metals all the time for my studio classes. Junior Metals, Advanced CAD and Production Processes were enough to keep me very busy as well as two other classes, part of an art history class on Modern Craft and a Race Gen-ed. We received both projects in metals in the first […]

Junior Year at Tyler- Part I

Junior year at Tyler has whizzed by and there was not much time for updating here during the semester. My last exam was the other day and now I have a few short weeks to get ready for the next big adventure: The Tyler Metals Summer program in the UK. So as to not be […]

Farewell to Hanusey’s

A few years ago, my dear friend Pat had an idea for wax modeling for lost wax casting. She suggested a kistka. What’s a kistka? I had no idea. Turns out it’s a tool for putting wax in delicate patterns onto eggs as part of the art of Pskanky, Ukrainian Easter egg decoration. It’s a […]

Etched Copper Disk Party Gifts

When Amanda Palmer’s Kickstarter closed last May (2012) I was the proud holder of one the most awesome rewards ever- a house party with Amanda Palmer-exact date to be determined later. It was with the faith and trust of 22 other people that chipped in as well to make this happen. I felt that I […]

The Amanda Palmer Party at our house

After the incredible experience of study abroad in Rome for sixteen weeks, I came home and had a week to put together the Amanda Palmer Kickstarter party at our house. (If you are unfamiliar with Amanda Palmer and her music: FIRST download Theatre is Evil, listen to it…. read the lyrics…… bathe in this album, […]