A Weekend of Accomplishments

Yesterday it was time to finally tackle the paperwork mountain that builds up for Jack’s medical bills. This involves comparing EOBs from the insurance company, checking dates on bills to make sure the insurance has gone through, etc. Five and half hours later I was done. Then dinner out with friend/family. A wonderful time.

I had some old files from over 10 years ago that my sister had been storing. I didn’t want to get rid of them without at least going through them. Well I found the missing savings bond for Wendy. Since she decided to start saving for a computer this could help her out now. Now I have plenty of stuff for a bonfire in the cauldron with the discarded file. Too much to shred.

Then I sorted two trash bags of fabric scraps and ribbon. I consolidated what I was going to keep with the fabric I had and put it all in a big box.

Then it was time to make room for the big box in the storage area near my shop. Which meant cleaning, clearing and rearranging my shop. This was to make room in my shop as well to make room for the extra work bench for Wendy. In the process I decided that extra piece of linoleum would take up less room unrolled on my shop floor that standing up in the storage area near the shop.

Also this afternoon, David was looking for some files on CD and we came across my Complete Pressure Cooker Book archive CD. To my delight, I was able to import it into Adobe InDesign. Looks like I may be able to get that 2nd edition out in 2010, only about 10 years after the first edition. The original was in an old edition of QuarkXpress and I thought I would never see it on a screen again.

I stopped to make dinner and came back downstairs to finish the other custom ring order to match the one from a few days ago. I took pictures of the two rings together, took pictures of my picture setup and I’m now ready to call it a night and head to the hot tub.

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