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My Roman Risotto Recipe

I had some risotto on the Titignano Trip at the end of Temple Rome’s orientation week. That day was planned by Temple Rome as an introduction to Italian cuisine. It was delicious. I remembered that I used to have a pressure cooker recipe for Risotto, but it never tasted like this. But alas, I certainly […]

Masala Chai Syrup

I had a yen for some Chai the other day, but with the heat, I would prefer iced. Iced is easier to make with a syrup or concentrate. Tazo makes a nice concentrate, but it’s a little pricey and I already had all the ingredients. I also had this crazy idea to making some really […]

A Weekend of Accomplishments

Yesterday it was time to finally tackle the paperwork mountain that builds up for Jack’s medical bills. This involves comparing EOBs from the insurance company, checking dates on bills to make sure the insurance has gone through, etc. Five and half hours later I was done. Then dinner out with friend/family. A wonderful time. I […]