A little late and a little short

This week’s update is a little short and a little late. We were away for the weekend in Malta, exploring prehistoric temples and this week is midterms, so my time is limited. I had a few paragraphs put together before we went to Malta, so I can update that far. My photos on flickr account are up to date.

Last week we were back to exploring Rome. The drawing class had Patty and I at the church of San Ignazio on a chilly morning, viewing the lovely trump l’oeil ceiling by Andrea Pozzo including the fake dome and drawing the altar of San Ignazio. Then we were off to draw in Piazza Navona where it was a little warmer in the sun. My photography class met at Campo de Fiori to start on street photography of people, then headed to Trastevere to shoot more found objects and people. The most delightful surprise was finding a musical instrument maker and his cat hidden down a little street. I put a bookmark in my iphone maps so I can find my way back there.
Instrument Maker in Trastevere

Gwen’s archeology class met on site in Testaccio to look at pottery shards. There’s enough there to keep archeologists busy for many, many years. In her fresco class, she dismantled the fresco painting from last week to make room for more next week, after midterms.

My Italian design class made a site visit to the Micol Fontana Foundation and viewed dresses and designs that were worn by Eva Gardner, Grace Kelly, Margaret Truman, Jackie Kennedy and anyone who was anyone from the 40s to the 80s. All of Audrey Hepburn’s clothes for “Roman Holiday” were made by the Fontana’s and Eva Gardner had put in her movie contracts that she was only to wear dresses made by Sorrelle Fontana.

I’m spending a lot of time studying Italian. It’s pretty hard for my almost half a century old brain to absorb a new language, but I’m giving it my best shot. I had a test last week and two midterms this week.

So Friday we headed to Fiumicino airport and boarded a plane for Malta. More about that in a separate post.

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