Back in the Groove

So the last 4 days I’ve spent at least 3 hours a day in the shop, with 8 and 10 hours yesterday and today.
We’ve managed to get coverage now for most of Jack’s care schedule. So although I am still the main caregiver in terms of making sure Jack’s needs are met, it’s now more of a management position rather than hands on.
And my soul is rejoicing. I’m spending more time and energy on my jewelry. More time and energy than I have for many years. I exhibited at a craft show on 10/31 that really got me energized although I didn’t sell anything.
I really needed that customer contact and lots of people took my cards, I got several decent leads on custom work and my display looked the best it ever has.
I have a Hanukah gift event on Sunday and another Holiday craft show scheduled for Dec 6.

Then I’m scheduling my own event here at the house for December 12. I want to invite people to bring their jewelry for a free cleaning, repair assessments and a brief demonstration on how jewelry is made and other information that will help make them a better jewelry customer as well as showing my work. This is the first phase of a new marketing model for my work utilizing home shows and I’m offering a free custom pierced piece for anyone who books a show.

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